Final Project – Vector Self Portrait without LiveTrace

The print version looks better due to the CMYK to RGB profile convertions here which left the colors more saturated than when unconverted.  Original image below.

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Putting this here to remind myself to save it at home

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Very useful tip for scaling objects with Strokes

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Tinting a Scan Assignment

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Text Heavy Project

Like with the other professional simulation projects, I omitted my logo.

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Playing with mapping.


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Assignment – Masking a mask

If feels so good to cross one assignment off the to-do list.

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Assignment Copy This.

This is what I learn most from, copying others work so that I have the knowledge of how they work.  I can then apply their techniques to my own and I did learn and research much to accomplish this including how to use the width tool.  My logo is not included for ‘professional’ appearance.


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Assignment – Bottles (molding mesh)

I would like to add a label to the blue bottle since I modeled this illustration from an actual bottle and have the media kit with the official logo.  How would I add a tubular curve to an object?

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Art Event 10/10- New Realities: Jerry Uelsmann + Maggie Taylor

Location:  The Museum of Photographic Arts in San Diego.  *Note that this not the same event as earlier written about, this exhibit began in Early-October.  November 28, 2010.


“The camera is a fluid way of encountering that other reality.” – Jerry. Uelsmann


…And his works are summarized with that one quote, this event which showcased two photography-based artists were contained within the same general ‘surreal’ genre but in very different ways where Uelsmann used photography and post processing to produce his pieces and Taylor manipulated her photos as if with a razor and glue.  Their styles do intertwine but it is obvious each has their own particular method of conveying the idea.  Although interesting and sometime thought provoking, I don’t see how I can relate either of these artists’ works to my own or where I want to go creatively. Both are random with no typography but plenty of modifications.  Their primary tools appear to be film and razors which could be a strong artistic venue if done so that the vintage tools are made obvious and embraced as they are.  Maybe these artists should have produced work before digital instead of appearing needlessly nostalgic.  That’s what I took away from this event; that style requires timing.  I often think that I’m outdated using grunge although that is what I enjoy most and which is close to my heart as a favorite memory from my youth.

The venue was appropriate if a little bland but the arrangement was interesting.  Some pictures worked with others in size and location in relation to each other (eg one large pond photo is surrounded by 4 smaller landscape photos).  It was reassuring to see more black and white landscapes to further my creative thoughts involving contrast and framing.  I can’t relate to these artists but they do facilitate my creative side.

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